Lazy Disco is a one-woman accessory brand, currently based in Brighton and founded in early 2020.

I came up with the name Lazy Disco with my mum - we wrote down a massive list of words that sounded nice, and paired them together in different ways for a good hour or two before settling on this one. I like it because I love to disco but I’m also lazy - I love getting dressed up and feeling sassy and listening to loud pop music but I also love sleep and being at home and being comfy and cosy. I get a lot of inspiration from my bedroom, which is where I design, doodle and figure out most of my ideas. I fill my bedroom with nice things that make me feel safe - art prints by my friends, knitted blankets and IKEA cushions, bright shapes and colours, all of my favourite books and DVDs, all my favourite clothes on full display. Lazy Disco is like that for me - I create things that make me feel warm and nice inside and hopefully do the same for you too.

Lazy Disco comes from a love of doodling, daydreaming and pop music. Cartoons inspire me massively - Quinn Morgendorffer is my style icon and a lot of earring designs I imagine existing in a Daria episode. I also like to imagine my jewellery coming straight from one of those tacky charm jewellery kits every 9 year old girl was all over back in the day. Lazy Disco accessories are perfect for feeling cute when you’re feeling lazy - minimal effort with maximum effect. Dress up your stay-at-home pyjama chic outfit with a pair of our earrings. Off on a night out but feeling a lil anxious and not like yourself? Pop on a LD necklace and feel like a cute disco queen again! Fashion should be fun, easy and make you feel GOOD.

I’m Rosie - the designer, manufacturer, marketer, social media manager, customer service advisor, packer/post-office runner and literally everything else behind Lazy Disco ☻

I studied Photography at uni in Bristol, where I specialised in still life construction and set design - basically just spending every day in my element in the studio, making things look pretty. I would spend about 7 hours creating sets and then only come out with one photo at the end of it (living up to the Virgo perfectionist stereotype). My love for visual arts spreads across a bunch of other mediums too - I love to illustrate, both digitally and on paper using the mass of nice pens I collected from my year of working at a stationery store. I love embroidery, and would love to work with textiles more as soon as I learn how to use a sewing machine.

Some more things about me - I love pints and chips (see above). My brain is basically just pop music lyrics and useless pop culture facts. I really love Harry Styles & ran a One Direction Tumblr fan blog back in the day. I have had a really weird mix of jobs over the span of my life (bra fitter, worked in a hospital, also worked on a ship for a year?). I feel at my very best when I wear a power suit. And if I could, I would live off fish finger sandwiches and chocolate milk. Thank you for listening x